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SIRA doctors met NHOG (Northern Haematology Oncology ) doctors on Wed night 22nd July 2015.

23-Sep-2015 Dr Eisen Liang formally introduced doctors of Sydney IR to NHOG doctors,  especially Chris Rogan ( RPA with special interest in hepatobiliary and Oncology IR) and David Boshell ( St Vinvcent with special interest in SIR-spheres and Oncology IR), but also Dr Murthy Chennapragrada and Dr Rajiv Rattan who both have been helping with day to day IR services at the San for some time.

Presentations and discussions were on Image Guided Biopsies and update on SIR-shperes , as well as  new technologises such as Isolated Heaptic Perfusion, Nonoknife, Embocept etc.