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Dr Henora Chour

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Dr Henora Chour


Dr. Chour earned his medical degree from Deakin University in Victoria in 2013 and completed his specialist training in Diagnostic Radiology at St. George Hospital. In 2021, he pursued an Interventional Radiology Fellowship at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Currently serving as an Interventional Radiologist at St. George Hospital and St. Vincent's Hospital, he also holds a Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) position at several private hospitals in both North and South Sydney.


Dr. Chour focuses on directed therapies for liver and renal cancers, employing techniques such as TACE, SIRT, and thermal ablations. His particular interest extends to innovative treatments for musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis, adhesive capsulitis, and tendinopathies, where he actively engages in ongoing research.


Committed to the diagnosis and treatment of male and female infertility, he utilises interventions such as uterine artery embolization, Lipiodol hysterosalpingograms, fallopian tube recanalisation, and varicocele embolization.


Dedicated to education, Dr. Chour finds fulfilment in teaching and mentoring medical students, radiology registrars, and allied health staff.

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